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Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Based on my perspective of this story the protagonist was fascinated and thankful by the work of his mother even though he knew the hardships and struggles the mother had to go through in her daily job. The narrator tells us of how the mother can in fact deal with so many people and not forgetting the cutlery and at the same time with a composure and knowledge of what she is doing.

Responce To Working Life Of A Waitress English Language Essay

After reading and understanding the story, any one who wanted to pursue the carrier of a waitress and has had a passion for it could actually relate to this story, this story could get them many pointers which the narrator discussed in the article. This article not only illustrates the work of a mother as a waitress in a busy restraint but also describes ones passion of work and its art. While the narrator described how the waiters and waitress should be in their work place, it shows us of the sacrifice essence they had to their jobs.

This other article that is written by Barbara Enrich called Nickel and Dimed, she places interests on some of the difficulties people have when they are employed in jobs that pay low wages not exempting the hidden costs which included food and shelter.

Mother Tongue - Amy Tan Overview

She primarily attacks the idea that the low-wage jobs need the unskilled labor, The author who is a journalist found that manual labor is degrading, taxing and uninteresting she says that the job required fast learning, quick thinking, focus and good memory, if there is repeated movements or constant, it would create a risk of repetitive stress injury.

She also points facts on some persons in the management who mainly served to interfere with the workers output, they force the workers to take pointless tasks just to make the work experience more miserable.

Webs of Fear, Webs of Fascination | The Macmillan Community

She argues about the one low wage job is usually not sufficient to support one person and his family, many of the workers named in this book exist by living in their cars, with relatives or even persons of the same position, She concludes by saying one day the low waged workers will rise up and rise and insist to be treated fairly and everyone will be better of when that day comes. She had come to America in after losing everything in china. The main character of the story is Jing Mei Amy Tan who is also the protagonist in the story.

Her mother is the antagonist, who is always urging Jing Mei to try new things and discover new talents. Jing Mei feels as if her mother wants her to be something she is not. Other characters in the story Because of its structure, the book can only loosely be called a novel. It is composed of sixteen stories and four vignettes, but like many novels, it has central characters who develop through the course of the plot.

The daughters struggle with the complexities of modern life, including identity crises She began to noticing the type of English she used in her books and with her mother. As a slave, he did not know how to read or write.

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But after learning from his master the language has helped him She is especially insecure about being Chinese, and this is evident in several points during the text. Comparing him to Mary, a holy figure, almost suggests an idealization of Robert because of his race. Amy also wishes Amy Tan and Maya Angelou come from extremely different cultures, and trying to feel accepted in American Culture.

Both authors discuss a feeling of being an outcast and how their cultural differences set them apart. However, Amy Tan effectively uses narration and description to depict her sense of isolation from the dominant American culture. What is it that defines that personality? Language is indeed an important component of culture, and culture is known to be a crucial definer of identity. People use language to connect to their identities and communicating their realities and values to themselves and to the world around them… In other words, language is important because people use it to express Response to Amy Cuddy: Your body language shapes who you are Amy Cuddy was an intelligent young woman who was known to be smart and gifted until the age of 19, when she had encountered a horrific car accident.

After this accident, Amy woke up in a head injury rehab ward. Her head injury had caused her IQ to drop by two standard deviations and she had to withdrawal from college.

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From having a core identity as being smart to the knowledge of her decrease in IQ had left Amy completely powerless He criticizes our language. We see, hear, and use it every day. Language may vary in form and size. Today, English language is recognized as a world language and commonly used in many cultures.

Essay How to Tame a Wild Tongue

However, hundreds of different languages exist in the world and some issues may arise when English is not the native language of a speaker. The languages differ widely in terms of the number of people who use them. Stereotypes and generalizations are formed on What exactly does language represent? However, language can also be a barrier, a divider.

America is, by nature, a country of immigrants.

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From this diversity and multitude of different backgrounds, cultures, and regions springs forth dialects and regional accents as varied and different as the people they come from. With all these variations, it becomes harder and harder to discern what linguists often refer to Language Shapes Our Personality Can language shape our personality? Tongues we use are indispensible factors of us. If you think about it, human beings use the tool in form of language in every possible aspect of life.

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In school, at home, while watching TV, playing sports, reading books, at the store, even on the walk. Language surrounds us from every possible direction.

Many people may wonder why we have to spend so much time to learn how to speak perfect languages. Language skill is one of the most powerful instruments for people to become useful members in the society because we used language to communicate with other people in our daily lives. Languages is how one communicates, expresses oneself, and a whole bunch of other very important things.

Not only is In the text Tan uses a variety of stylistic devices to express herself, tans use of parallel structures is used frequently throughout the piece, for example she starts the first paragraph with the phrase "i am not a scholar of english" and the second with "i am a writer"; this contrast implies to the audience that you don't have to know everything about english to be a writer. She also uses personification in the second paragraph when she says " language is the tool of my trade".

Chinese women feel like no one cares and it is much harder for them to live with an optimistic view on life. Although sexism is not a major theme of Amy Tan's Joy Luck Club, it is clear that it does affect the lives of the mothers and daughters. Although sexism is not a major theme in this novel, it runs throughout the whole novel since the story is focused on Chinese women that grew up in China and Luck Club Amy Tan A major part of the novel of Amy Tan's novels has been devoted to the reflection of the role of ethnicity in the life and choices of the narrator.

Tan tries to force her characters to face the question and make decision that take the Chinese and American heritages into account. More specifically, the author, who hands the novel over to the narrator, centers on the drama of ethnicity and identity the various characters meet on occasion. In addition, in her novels, Amy Tan has tried In a society where perfection is practically expected but impossible to achieve, language is one of the many ways that anyone around us can judge us.

In different countries or areas, people use different language. Today, English is used as a general language that people use around the world. Sign Up. Sign In. Sign Up Sign In. Amy Tan The Language Of Discretion Kinds by Amy Tan , there is a mother who motivates her daughter by making her participate in several trainings to enhance her skills. Language: Helen Keller, Frederick Douglass , Amy Tan Language is a very import part in our life, we carry it with us through all the steps, processes, moments experiences of our life, language built us and make us grow and the most important thing is that it grows with us, changes, modifies itself, and becomes more appropriate and specific.

Amy describes how we speak differently to family compared to how we speak to people out in public. The most important thing is the fact that Amy Tan decided to do what she wanted to do despite of what others thought she should do with her life. Amy also presents that language has a place within everything for example a certain type of language was required to write a science report, a different type of language used by scholars and at home and with friends one might speak even a completely different language again.

Amy Tam does a good job of putting herself as an equal with her audience. Amy Tan presents that she has experience. Amy Tan at this point has earned the respect of her audience. Now at this point Amy Tan is free to tell her story. Amy talks to the audience about her experiences with language from living in America with her mother.

She used no hard complicated terms she only spoke simple terms that normal everyday people could understand and relate to. Her method is one of the best methods of approach of telling her story because it had the effect that allowed everybody to relate to what she was talking about.